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Welcome! Thank you for visiting our website for comprehensive resources for residential and commercial services in Georgia. For any and all of your needs, we offer a wide array of high quality solutions at affordable prices. From simple lockout services, to entry point reinforcement and break-in prevention, to advanced locks, keys, safes, and access control systems – you name it – we have you covered.

Along with top-of-the-line solutions, Unlockit delivers outstanding customer service to each and every client on each and every job. We pride ourselves on a strong foundational commitment to honesty and customer care, and it shows – our company has earned numerous customer service awards over the years for customer satisfaction and business ethics. For a service you can trust, you can count on us.


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An Introduction To Unlockit Locksmith Services In Georgia

At Unlockit, we are dedicated to providing excellent service to our residential and commercial clients throughout Georgia. Let us help you with our award-winning services with these essential needs:

Residential Services

Your home should be a safe retreat for you and your household, where you and your belongings are protected. We provide these services to assist you in your endeavors:


Locks are the first line of defense for every source of entry. We provide multiple services for residential locksmith needs. If you need new locks installed, we can do that, re-key the existing locks or install high-security replacement locks.

Related locks services include performing maintenance and repair services, including extracting keys that are stuck in the lock. Additionally, we can craft new keys for your locks and make duplicates so that all members of the household have a key for the new locks installed by Unlockit.


The doors to your home are the most obvious form of entry. For many of is, we think that a closed door is enough to signal that nobody should enter. However, criminals don’t think in the same way. To them, a door of poor quality, improperly installed or lacking the appropriate reinforcements is an invitation to your home.

Though your current doors might fall within the guidelines set forth by the local powers that be, minimum construction standards are just that: the minimum. Upgrade the entryways to your home with our door services and products. Our techs will suggest fiberglass and solid wood. Solid steel, meaning no glass panes, are another excellent choice. Additionally, our specialists can install special impact rated, security burglar and storm doors.


Even with the best protections in place throughout your residential property, that doesn’t mean that you should just leave your valuables and private information just sitting around. Important documents, including birth certificates and sensitive financial data should be secured in a top of the line safe.

Even if the items are not of financial value but are special personal pieces, a safe will keep them protected. Our technicians are trained to handle everything from delivery and installation to lockout and maintenance services. Whether you need your combination changed or some repair work done, our years of expertise covers safes.


If you have been locked out of your property, it can be a frustrating and inconvenient experience. The most common calls our locksmiths receive regarding folks being locked out of their homes and vehicles. Equally annoying is the discovery that your home safe or filing cabinets are inaccessible.

No matter what time of day or night, our locksmiths are here to help you regain entry to your belongings. Our lockout techs are ready to mobilize quickly and bypass the current lock without damaging your property. With a guaranteed flat rate, we are your ideal choice for lockout situations.

Commercial Solutions

Your commercial property contains valuable equipment and sensitive data. Allow our specialists to improve the security in your offices and commercial properties:

Lock Services

Commercial lock services include everything available with residential lock services, and more. Our installation, maintenance and repair technicians can ensure that your new or existing locaks are functioning optimally.

Should you need to re-key some or all of your locks, we can help you with that, along with extracting keys and taking care of your filing cabinets. Whether you need key creation or duplication, we an take care of it on-site with our mobile technicians. Likewise, our team has access to high-security locks and key control devices to provide additional layers of protection for your office.

Access Control Solutions

Though locks serve a vital purpose in keeping folks from entering where they don’t belong, they cannot fully address every situation that comes along. Utilizing access control solutions suited to your building and needs will improve the safely of your commercial property. Additionally, you can monitor the entries and exits to determine when compromises do occur and who is at fault for the breach.

As the simplest end of the spectrum are buzzer systems. These allow you to temporarily unlock the door from your seat, so that you can provide entry to the person who “buzzed in.” Push button locking systems are another potential solution. These require the user to enter a special predetermined code to open the lock.

Most of these systems provide additional security measures not available with regular locks. For instance, employees may only enter and leave the building in the hours surrounding their shifts. You can alter the entries for holidays or other special occasion. One of the great things about these is that you can add or eliminate people without re-keying and replacing every single lock that is involved.

Door Services

Doors are the natural source of entry into any commercial property, and the one criminals are most likely to check out first. In addition to a range of security doors available, we can also help make any adjustments to your current doors that might be impeding the function of door. These little interferences are more than annoying, they can also weaken the entrypoints to your commercial property.

Our technicians have extensive experience installing additional commercial tools that can boost protection. Door closures are one of the most simple, and they are also useful for decreasing utility costs that are associated with cracked doors. Similarly, we have panic bars and exit devices that can be used to meet local building codes and to satisfy the fire marshal. Let us help determine which of these would best suited to your building and codes.

Safe Services

Business safes are an important part of operations. These contain some of the most sensitive data in your offices, including valuable documents, agreements and business plans. No matter what the size and scope of your needs, we can find the perfect solution to ensure your property is protected from would-be thieves. Our techs can then assist with any additional incidents that might arise, including repairs, lockout services and combination changes. We can deliver and install safes of all sizes; contact our offices to find out which of our offerings is best-suited to your needs.

Surveillance Solutions

Let’s face it, one of the best ways to keep criminals at bay is to let them know that they are being watched and recorded. We can strategically place surveillance cameras throughout the interior and exterior of your home. You can choose whether you want it hardwired into your home or prefer to rely on wireless technology.

Other features offering in our surveillance solutions including low light and night vision technology. Even if someone invades your home, this tech will allow you to learn more about the person who breached your property. some of the surveillance systems use black and white recording while others provide a full color experience. Talk to the Unlockit Locksmith and Security experts to determine the right combination for your land.

Neighborhood Associations

When neighbors share access to private community property, such has the gym in your apartment complex, it is vital that a safety structure is developed to keep everyone safe and on the same page.

Various types of access control systems are often useful in this regard, allowing only the appropriate people to gain entry. Both proximity cards and fobs are useful tools for the task. Proximity cards and fobs are easier to control that the more relaxed pushbutton lock code. With proximity cards and fobs, you can keep residents from entering areas during unauthorized times. Similarly, if the person has failed to fulfill their obligations and dues to have access, it can easily be cut off until the situation has been resolved.

Property Management Assistance

If you operate a property management company, we can help you with the security needs that occur with tenants. First of all, we are able to handle the maintenance and repair calls that roll in regularly from our commercial clients. We can also aid in re-keying services when folks move in or out of one of your units.

We understand the tense situations that can arise with evictions and lockouts. Allow us to reduce your stress associated with re-securing the buildings.

Break-in Repair

Break-ins are traumatizing, even in the best of scenarios. To restore your peace of mind, along with improving your protection, contact Unlockit today for these services:

Break-In Prevention

Preventing break-ins is one of the main goals that we have when servicing clients throughout Georgia. While correcting problems after a break-in or lock-out has occurred is important, it is even better if you can prevent the intrusion to begin with.

By allowing our staff to assess your situation and offer our expertise, you can get the best break-in protection around.

Break-In Risks

Though nobody wants to seriously consider the risks associated with break-ins, the reality is that they take place far more often than you would expect. Georgia insurance companies paid out $200 million last year on claims related to residential break-ins. That doesn’t even begin to calculate losses related to commercial break-ins.

Our team can take a look around your home and note the break-in risks that are present. The fact is that when the economy struggles that more people will turn to questionable means of obtaining the goods and services they want. Reduce your risk of break-ins in order boost your potential losses.

Security Consultations

Let’s face it, you have probably seen how essential top of the line locksmith services are to your residential and commercial property. In order to find out which of these protection and security measures best meet the needs that you have for your home and office, you need to arrange for a security consultation.

Our technicians will perform an extensive inspection to discover the strengths and weaknesses of your current setup. For those areas where security is lacking, we will provide each of the options available to you. This data includes cost, effectiveness and aesthetic impact on the building.

We can reinforce your doors and replace your current deadbolts with top of the line security locks.

Door Reinforcement

Door reinforcement projects can become extensive in nature if security was not properly addressed during the initial installation. Deadbolts are surprisingly ineffective, particular when used on a sub-par door.

We offer three types of door reinforcement products that can improve your peace of mind regarding the security of the entryways into your home. The Door Frame Protector, The Door Edge Protector and the Door Hinge Protector can be used alone, but the real strength comes from uniting these protective measures on all of your doors to ensure the layers of security will be difficult for an intruder to penetrate.

Break-In Repair

Once a break-in has occurred, you have a lot of things to consider. Among those is getting your door repaired so that it will not be that easy to broach in the future. We can use the various types of protective devices to cover the sensitive areas of your door. Additionally, we can replace your locks and look at other means for ensuring that you will not have the same level of vulnerability that you did prior to the breakup. It is our goal not only to repair, but to prepare for the future.

Security Tips

Whether you are a residential or commercial customer, we are here to help you. However, you also need to take measures to protect yourself. Use these security tips to boost your own:

1. Get to know your neighbors, exchanging phone numbers and informing them of any changes that might appear suspicious.

2. Install an alarm system manufactured, monitored and installed by a reputable alarm business.

3. Outdoor motion sensors are an excellent way to be alerted should an unknown person get too close to your home.

4. Utilize outdoor plants in a way that provides greater security to your home. For instance, attractive thorny plants beneath the windows of your home.

With offices in Alpharetta, Marietta, Rosewell and Woodstock, we assist clients all over Georgia. Contact one of our offices to find out how our highly-trained and skilled technicians can improve your security with our locksmith service in Atlanta Georgia.