Access Control Solutions

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Access Control Systems

Stand Alone Access Control System integrated with buzzer system

Access Control Systems provide the flexibility and control that traditional locks cannot. Features vary with each lock, but can allow you to:

  • Limit what time and through which doors certain users can enter. For example, day shift personnel may only be allowed to enter the building during their scheduled shift.
  • Establish a time access schedule for weekends, holidays, and/or special occasions.
  • Add or remove users as your needs require.
  • Monitor and record when users enter and exit the building through an audit report.
  • Access the building with a code, proximity card, fob or biometric reader.

Unlockit provides several access control system solutions for residential and commercial customers and include both stand-alone and hard-wired units. All installations are customized to fit your budget, security needs, and style.

Pushbutton Locks

Narrow stile pushbutton lock

Pushbutton locks allow users to gain access without having a key through the use of a code. There are a variety of different types of pushbutton locks, including:

  • mechanical or electronic
  • single or multiple codes
  • numerical or alphabetical codes
  • residential or commercial grades

Each are available in multiple finishes and styles.

Buzzer Systems

Intercom system integrated with video recording (Inside Station)
Intercom system integrated with video recording (Outside Station)

Buzzer systems are commonly used in situations in which an authorized person inside the building may control access by “buzzing in” someone upon request. These provide excellent access control for reception areas and lobbies. For example, a doctor’s office may utilize a buzzer system in which the receptionist gives the patient access beyond the waiting room at their appointed time.