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The Threat of Break-Ins: More Common than You Think

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Forced-entry break-ins occur much more commonly than most people realize. In Georgia alone in the past year, insurance companies paid out over $200 million for items lost during residential burglaries, and that doesn’t include commercial break-ins.

Most break-ins are committed with the intention of theft and robbery, and pose a real danger to the safety of your household or customers. You never know how an intruder will react if caught by surprise during a break-in, so prevention is the best weapon against harm and loss.

The vast majority of residential intruders enter through the front door or main entry-way by simply kicking in the door. It can happen in an instant. Nationwide construction standards require only a soft, flimsy piece of wood, no more than ¾ of an inch thick, into which the deadbolt slides when locked. Even when a door is secured with a deadbolt, it requires surprisingly little force to kick open – it can literally be done by a child.

The following clip from a local, FOX 5 newscast further explains the dangers, and features Unlockit Locksmith and Security’s solutions for preventing break-ins before they occur:

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