Commercial Door Services Atlanta

Quality Door Solutions: Easy-to-Use, Secure, and Affordable

Doors are the first and last things customers see at your business!

Unlockit’s secure, high-quality commercial door solutions provide the hardware and expertise your business needs. In some cases, our solutions are necessary to meet the regulatory requirements in certain industries.

We use only top quality brands and products, and customize each installation to meet your specific needs, budget, and style. Our veteran technicians get the job done right the first time, and are always available for follow-up maintenance or repair.

Panic bars/Exit Devices

Restaurant patio panic device
Push paddle

Panic bars/exit devices are required for most exterior entryways in a commercial setting, and the right hardware for your business is always subject to the code requirements of your local building inspectors and fire marshal. These devices are important in keeping your business within legal requirements, but the process of choosing the right hardware can be confusing and overwhelming in a market saturated with products.

Our expert technicians have extensive knowledge of the products and requirements of exit devices, and will work with you to find the solution that meets the requirements of your local governing body. We will deliver and install the device, and, as always, we provide regular maintenance and repair to ensure that your doors are working properly and remain up to code.

Door Closers

Door closer

Door closers ensure that your entryways stay secure at all times, as well as cutting down on heating and air conditioning costs by preventing waste. We install, maintain, and repair all three styles of door-closer – overhead, surface-mounted and jamb-mounted – as well as the two styles in which door closers can be powered – manually and automatically.

Manual door closers rely on simple mechanisms to limit the speed at which the door closes, including hydraulic (oil-filled) dampers and springs. In these techniques, the energy used in opening the door is stored, and then releases to close the door and keep it closed. Automatic doors use electronic mechanisms to perform this process. In both cases, the speed at which the door closes can be adjusted.

Door Adjustments

We cross through our doors many times every day, and a malfunctioning door creates a consistent annoyance. Loud doors, doors that stick, doors that don’t open or close properly, doors that swell and damage the floor – all of these cause interference, especially in primary entry points.

Our door adjustment services address all the issues that can affect your doors, including faulty hinges, improper positioning, splintered or damaged wood, seasonal building settling and any other problem that may arise.

Security Doors

Unlockit installs all types of security doors in an effort to help prevent forced entry. There are multiple types of doors available to choose from:

  • residential and commercial
  • composite type hollow metal doors
  • impact-rated doors
  • security burglar doors
  • security storm doors