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Damaged door frame caused by a kick

The vast majority of forced-entry break-ins occur at the main entry-points of homes. Without the proper protection, these thresholds are extremely vulnerable. Even with a deadbolt, it requires surprisingly little force to kick open – it can literally be done by a child. The problem is that most residential door jambs are constructed of soft wood, with a 3-inch strike plate attached by ¾-inch screws. The bolt travels from the deadbolt through the strike plate and into the door jamb. One or two strong kicks is all it takes for the bolt to rip open the door jamb and the strike plate, allowing quick entry into your home.

Unlockit Locksmith & Security delivers superior protection against the dangers of home invasion with the patented Home Invasion Shield technology, which reinforces your access points. For doors, Unlockit couples high quality locks with the invisible physical security of steel plates and channels that reinforce the door and frame.

Door Reinforcement Products

Home Invasion Shield complete door reinforcement system

The Door Frame Protector reinforces the door jamb area with 59-inch steel plate, turning your door jamb from soft wood into solid steel. It also narrows the gap between the door edge and door frame, helping to prevent against jimmying or crowbarring.

The Door Edge Protector is a 48-inch steel channel that wraps around the edge of the door, strengthening the lock area and edge of the door and helping to stop the door from splitting and collapsing from multiple kicks or crowbarring.

After reinforcing the door jamb and door edge, the door on the hinge side becomes the weakest point of the door. The solution is the Door Hinge Protector, 8-inch steel channels that wrap around the edge of the door at the hinges.

This layered approach to security will significantly protect and minimize your risk of home invasion. It will help prevent criminal entry and protect the well-being of your family and belongings.

For more information about this revolutionary door reinforcement system, please visit their website: Home Invasion Shield