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National SEO for Locksmiths

It is beyond doubt that SEO can help your company reach heights you never thought possible. While local SEO may seem critical, National SEO is even more important for your business. In this page, you will learn why National SEO is important, how it should be done, and how Search Engine Optimist experts get it done.

Local and National SEO are very similar, with National SEO focusing much on a broad range of keywords to gain more traffic and ranks by search engines to the national level. This is unlike Local SEO whereby only a particular geographic area is targeted for traffic and ranks. With National SEO covering a much larger area, and even more similar businesses, competition becomes tight meaning lots of hard work, and determination is needed to sail through. Many of the well-known companies have to compete for the same audience, which again means one has to spend more on marketing to get a fair share. Although you may have to dig a little deeper into your pockets, National SEO exposes your business to a larger audience and customers, thus higher returns on investment.

Technology, and mainly the internet, has made the world a small community hence making it possible for both small and medium sized business to reach out to target audience far and wide. The increasingly tech-driven world has opened new doors for E-commerce companies that can operate from any corner of the continent and serve customers on the other far end. Nevertheless, unless a business owner takes on National SEO to increase visibility nationwide, this wouldn’t be possible. This is mostly because 93% of the online traffic resonates from search engines. This is what makes SEO critical for all online businesses.

Internet marketing has changed the market significantly over the past few years. Traditional modes of advertising are slowly losing efficiency as more and more people are embracing the online marketplace. With search engines being one of the primary sources of traffic online, SEO remains an efficient and long-term investment for all businesses online.

Aside from building an easy-to-use and appealing website, link building still affects how people/target audience perceives your site. It is for this reason only healthy, and high-quality backlinks should be used on the site. Using healthy backlinks helps search engines trust your site, as well as rank it highly. Our teams work to ensure your site only has healthy backlinks.

Intensive and extensive analysis of your website/company is also needed before any optimizations can be done. It is only after a SWOT Analysis that we can determine Opportunities, Weaknesses, Strengths, and Potential threats in your website that need to be worked on. The final report is what determines how your site should be optimized, and measures to be taken to accomplish the same.

It is after the analysis is complete, and the report out, that the optimizations can begin. Comprehensive keyword research, inbound links, architecture and fresh content may be needed to make the entire process a success. Fresh content is vital for improved visibility and rankings by search engines. Google, for instance, requires new content on a site for it to have higher ranks. A high potential site will, therefore, lose ranks on search engines with time, which is why your site needs to be frequently updated.

We strive to ensure everything from link building, fresh content creation, and keyword optimization is done to help with your site’s visibility online. The site is even kept under the microscope to ensure all the optimizations are active and working.

Some companies/businesses require specific/custom optimizations to be able to outcompete their competition. This requires deep SWOT analysis and market research to make it a possibility. Nevertheless, our team put a combined effort to ensure clients get what they pay for. The pricing may, however, differ for this package as it is with others. Some of the factors that affect pricing include:

Near You

PPC services
National and international campaigns
Conversion Consulting
Keyword competitiveness, etc.


If you need something done about our prices or have a specific requirement, you can then talk to us to see how we can be of help.