Safe Atlanta

Unlockit Locksmith & Security prides itself on carrying the most secure solutions in keeping your precious belongings safe.

  • Burglary & Fire Safes
  • High Security Safes
  • Data Safe
  • Depository Safes
  • In Wall Safes
  • In-Floor Safes
  • What is the primary purpose of your safe? Burglary, Fire, or both? Make sure that you match your needs with the correct construction, and labels to meet those requirements.
  • Understand the size that you need. Make sure you leave enough room for growth. Home use as well as office use tends to increase over time. Leave room for expansion of your safe needs.
  • Where will the safe be located? How much space will you need? Will the safe be accessible on a regular basis? A safe has no value if you don’t use it. Make sure that you have good access and the safe is convenient to use.
  • What type of locking mechanism do you need? Both mechanical as well as electronic locks will work. Will you need to program a new combination on a regular basis? Do you need time delay, audit trail, or multiple users?

Fire Safes

Statistics show that if a company’s records are lost in a fire, 17% can no longer furnish a financial statement, 14% suffer a reduction in credit rating and 43% go out of business completely. No home or business is safe from fire. Your vital records and possessions are only as safe as the quality of protection you provide for them. With Gardall fire resistive safes, you can be confident your records will survive.

Gun Safes

2 Door Depository Safes

GBF – UL Burglary Rated Safes

All GBF safes were tested by the manufacturer along side a U.L. listed one-hour fire safe in an independent fire testing facility. The GBF safe actually outperformed the U.L. fire safe by 15 minutes. A letter of certification is available upon request. All GBF safes carry Gardall Lifetime Fire Replacement Guarantee.

Not sure which safe solution is right for you? Contact us so we may help you find the best solution