The City in a Forest might be quite the simple nickname for Atlanta GA, but the capital city is full of interesting attractions. It’s also known as The Hollywood of the South. What do you know about the history of this city? Let’s take a look at some of the top historical landmarks and places of interest in Atlanta Georgia.

The Fox Theatre

Fox Theatre was originally built in the 1920’s, and it is a historical landmark and architectural gem in Atlanta. Located at 660 Peachtree Street NE, Fox Theatre is host to Broadway musicals and other great shows. The elegant theater has a rich history, and securing tickets to a show would make for an entertaining evening. History meets entertainment when you stop by this historical venue. People say the decor is quite splendid.

Martin Luther King Jr National Historic Site

The Martin Luther King Jr National Historic Site is another landmark attraction that you don’t want to miss in Atlanta. There are three major points of interest to visit when you stop by. You can see his former home, the church where Martin Luther King Jr preached and his burial site. Start your tour at 450 Auburn Avenue, and you want to check in at the visitors center first. The Martin Luther King Jr National Historic Site is another must see when you’re looking up landmarks in Atlanta GA.

Swan House

Swan House is located at 130 West Paces Ferry Road. This historical attraction is also going to take you back to the early 1900’s, just like Fox Theater. According to reviews, you get to tour the historic home, lovely gardens and see classic cars. There is a restaurant on site and a gift shop, too. Plus, part of one of the Hunger Games films was shot on location there. How cool is that?

The Fountain of Rings

The Fountain of Rings is a landmark attraction to visit for sure, and it is part of Centennial Park. This fountain has an Olympics legacy, and it puts on a show during the evening. That means you might want to stop by at night. Granted, reviews say that the kids love to play in the fountain, and that would make for a nice summertime activity during the day. Stop by the Fountain of Rings with your family to see one of Atlanta’s top landmark attractions.

Atlanta History Center

Tullie Smith Farm features interesting animals and a historic setting. Who knew there would be a farm in the middle of Atlanta? Take note that the Swan House mentioned earlier and also the History Center are right nearby. The people providing the tour are in costume according to the time period in which this farm was first in operation. You will find a blacksmith quarters there, too, as well as a garden and a smokehouse.

The Herndon Home Museum

Another landmark attraction and historical place of interest to visit in Atlanta is The Herndon Home Museum. Mr. Alonzo Herdon was an African-American businessman during the early 1900’s, and this was his home. Not only will you enjoy touring this historic home, but you will learn about the legacy of this man who was born a slave. After being freed, he started a barber shop, opened 20+ more and then started a life insurance company. Your interesting tour of The Herndon Home Museum awaits you at 587 University Plaza NW.

Atlanta is home to so many great landmarks and historical attractions. Stopping by the six mentioned places of interest are certainly going to give you a good look at the city’s history. Spend some time traveling around the Hollywood of the South and visiting its most famous landmarks with your family.