Protect Your Home or Business from Dangerous Intruders

Forced-entry break-ins occur much more commonly than most people realize. In Georgia alone in the past year, insurance companies paid out over $200 million for items lost during residential burglaries, and that doesn’t include commercial break-ins.

Most break-ins are committed with the intention of theft and robbery, and pose a real danger to the safety of your household or customers. You never know how an intruder will react if caught by surprise during a break-in, so prevention is the best weapon against harm and loss.

Unlockit Locksmith & Security specializes in break-in prevention. We understand the risks of home and business invasion, the methods of its perpetrators, and the best ways to stop forced entry and deter criminals. Your security is our top priority, and our solutions are custom-made to protect you, your family, your customers, and/or your business.

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Your Security is Our Business

Anyone who has experienced the sense of fear and violation of a home or business break-in understands the importance of effective security measures in the home and business. While many believe that the chances of experiencing these kinds of crimes are remote, the threat of forced-entry break-ins is real, as are the consequences. And a simple deadbolt is surprisingly ineffective at preventing forced entry.

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Home Invasion Prevention By Unlockit Locksmith – Your Guide

Home invasion is a genuine possibility for each property. Some steps can you take to have your property better protected against this growing threat. Below is a break down of the different parts of your structure that can be better enhanced to provide greater protection through installing more resilient components that defeat intruders attempts of entry.

Home Invasion Prevention

A qualified locksmith can work with you to modify your existing lock security to minimize the ability of someone or a group of people to gain access to your property forcibly.

The first step in denying entry to those attempting to force their way in starts with the front door where there are improvements that can be made to deny access.

Door Security

Most home invasions are accessed via the front door. By denying access at this point, you will have prevented the only opportunity for the transgressors, allowing time for Law Enforcement to be called. Prevention methods that you can control with modification are:

Break In Prevention

Modern properties come with wooden doors and doorjambs that can be forced. Installing a kick proof door will prevent the door splintering and giving way. A steel door will give you a kick-proof door, and a steel door jamb reinforcement will save the jamb from splintering and failing. Combined, a kicked in door is no longer a possibility and gives you complete door security.

Kick Proof Door

This is what it sounds like. A kick proof door is one made from materials which will not give in under the pressure of a kick. The material for a kick-proof door is metal. Replacing your door with a steel door will stop any ability of someone being able to kick, or otherwise use brute force, to force a failure in the door and gain entry to the premises. While sturdy enough to deny admission, steel metal doors are still able to be opened and closed with ease, and children will have no problems in opening or closing the door.

Break In Repair

If you have had your home broken into where unreasonable force was used and your door space violated and now in need of repair, it is an excellent time to review your options as far as replacing the door jamb and door. To prevent future instances of your property having been breached, your break-in repair solution should be to increase the level of door security that you had. Break-ins are often a repeat crime as the perpetrator now has an awareness of what they will find when they return after your insurance has paid out and you have replenished your electrical goods, jewelry, and other valuable items.

While you cannot stop them returning, you can prevent them from gaining access a second time by using the needed repair to upgrade the door security with steel door frame reinforcement along with a steel door. Returning burglars will not be able to repeat their earlier access and will instead be denied entry.

Metal & Steel Door Jamb Reinforcement

A steel door jamb will give a much higher level of strength to the overall front door security. The metal door jamb will provide strike plate reinforcement. This steel door frame reinforcement, when used with a steel door, will prevent the case of brute force being able to break through and is the focal point of break-in prevention.

The steel door jamb, otherwise known as the door frame, is the framework that the door sits in and which protects the door by having both sides and the top rail made of steel and that is firmly connected to the properties walls. For door kick in prevention, the metal door frame will only protect if the door itself is strong enough to not splinter on the impact of massive force kicks or strikes from a sledgehammer. A steel door will work with the steel jamb to prevent any use of force that a home invasion team can bring to the property and when teamed with a metal cased security lock is the number one solution to break-in prevention.

Security Door

While most security doors give the appearance of security while allowing you a form of privacy, many have become more a decorative feature than a real method of protection. On inspection, many security doors have weak lock structures and are fixed to wooden door jambs that can splinter easily.

A security door should convey and deliver real security. The lock structure should be solid with a durable metal latch to fit a steel strike plate so that it is unable to be pulled open. A security door should also have a solid steel metal frame that does not flex or allow itself to be compromised in form. The mesh of the door needs to be of a material that cannot be slashed and torn open. The connection screws that fit the decorative pattern work in place need to be secured on both sides of the door so that it cannot be pulled, pushed, forced or wriggled out of place. It should also be housed with a steel door frame reinforcement

A security door should be in every way as for secure as our reinforced front door. The only difference should be that when the front door is ajar, and the security door is locked, that you allow any breeze to come through while still being able to look outside. In every other respect, you should be as secure as if the front door was closed and locked.

In security terms, we feel safe when we see a door with a lock because we think that we are safe. This is a false impression because with brute force most of today’s doors and locks can be broken through. When we see doors invaded on TV we put it down to Hollywood acting, however, this is all based on reality, and the fact is that many doors can be kicked in and only enhanced security systems that include door kick in prevention that include steel door jambs and metal doors are safe.

The only way to ensure complete safety for your self and family is to upgrade your existing door and framework security. By having steel reinforced door jambs, a steel door and a steel encased security lock you have mitigated the ability for others to force them into your property. As stated above, if your upgraded door security repels that intent of a home invasion in the first instance, it will give you the time to call law Enforcement to attend the property. The door security will continue to hold until the Police arrive.

If you are unsure about your current level of front door security, have a friend, preferably a large one, give your screen door a pull when locked. Do they have the feeling that they could pull it open despite being locked? The same goes for your current front door, does that friend feel that they would be able to breach the property by pushing, shouldering or kicking the door with force. If they think; that there is a chance, then you can expect that someone who truly wants to gain access will put far more energy and force into their attempts.

Home invasions are on the increase, and when they occur, there is no real time to react as the offenders are already through the door and into the premises. Stop them from breaking through your first defense at the front door, and you stop them from any further ability to gain access to your property, your family and you. Visit a location near Atlanta, Norcross or Roswell Georgia.