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Break-In Prevention & Repair

Protect Your Roswell Home or Business from Intruders

Anyone who has experienced the sense of fear and violation of a home or business break-in understands the importance of effective security measures in the home and business. While many believe that the chances of experiencing these kinds of crimes are remote, the threat of forced-entry break-ins is real, as are the consequences. And a simple deadbolt is surprisingly ineffective at preventing forced entry. Unlockit Locksmith & Security offers high-quality products and services for break-in prevention to help our clients across the greater Atlanta area feel safe.

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Your Security Is Our Business

Forced-entry break-ins occur much more common than most people realize. In Georgia alone in the past year, insurance companies paid out over $200 million for items lost during residential burglaries, and that doesn’t include commercial break-ins.

Most break-ins are committed with the intention of theft and robbery and pose a real danger to the safety of your household, employees, or customers. You never know how an intruder will react if caught by surprise during a break-in, so prevention is the best weapon against harm and loss.

Unlockit Locksmith & Security specializes in break-in prevention. We understand the risks of home and business invasion, the methods of its perpetrators, and the best ways to stop forced entry and deter criminals. Your security is our top priority, and our solutions are custom-made to protect you, your family, your customers, and/or your business.

Some of our break-in prevention services include:

In case the worst should happen and someone enters your home with malicious intent while you are there, we can also design and build a safe room in your home or office. If you've experienced a burglary, be sure to call us to check out your doors and locks even if there are no outward signs of damage. At Unlockit, we can do whatever it takes to restore your peace of mind and help you feel secure.

Break-In Prevention & Repair FAQs

How can I protect my home from break-ins?

According to research, a thief will leave if it takes more than four or five minutes to break into a house. Consider these measures to make your home or apartment more burglar-resistant by taking the time to “case” it like a burglar would, especially at points of easiest entry.

Increased security measures like grates, bars, bolts, padlocks, and door and window locks make it harder to break into your house. You should verify the functionality of the components you already have in place and consider installing the devices you don’t have installed currently.

Also, consider a burglar alarm. The best ones ring at an outside service as well but you may have to pay extra for the service. In addition, you should invest in surveillance equipment. To discourage tampering, cover important entry points and mount them out of the way; this lets burglars know that someone is keeping an eye on them.

What is the best way to prevent a break-in?

Here are some helpful pointers for lowering the likelihood of home break-ins:

  • Make it difficult for burglars to enter your home by making it appear occupied.
  • Before you leave the house or turn in for the night, lock all exterior doors and windows.
  • Lock the garage door and keep it closed.
  • Avoid allowing your daily mail, newspaper, or flyer deliveries to accumulate while you are away. Set up a mail hold with the post office, or ask a friend or neighbor to regularly pick up your mail.
  • If you’re going to be gone for a while, make arrangements to have your lawn mowed.
  • Check the locks on your windows and doors, and if necessary, replace them with secure devices.
  • Don’t post about your travel arrangements on social media.
How do you reinforce a door from being kicked in?

Although solid wood or steel doors are typically the strongest, there are some very strong fiberglass doors that offer a little more aesthetic and some with wood cores. These doors will be a serious obstacle for anyone attempting to kick them in and will be firmly secured by modernized locks and hardware. Pre-hung doors come with a fresh doorframe for the installation of a deadbolt, and they are simpler to install.

The keystone of a secure entryway is a powerful deadbolt lock, which will hold the door closed in its frame. If a sturdy deadbolt isn’t already installed, pick one of the top door locks with an ANSI rating of 2 or 1. A deadbolt’s ANSI rating quantifies how much force it can withstand before bending or breaking. An intruder would have to make a tremendous amount of attention-grabbing noise to get in because a lock with an ANSI rating of 2 can withstand five strikes of 75 pounds of force before giving way.

Make Your Home or Office a Safe Haven

The last thing that should be on your mind while you are at home or work is the possibility of an intrusion. Unlockit Locksmith & Security offers high-quality break-in prevention and repair products and services to help ease your mind. Let us worry about your security so you are free to live your life.

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