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Night Life In Beautiful Atlanta Georgia


Out at Night - Atlanta GA. Atlanta does have several things that make it one of the most wonderful places to live in the United States. The weather for one is spectacular. I you have ever lived in a place where winter causes you to put on special clothing then [...]

Night Life In Beautiful Atlanta Georgia2018-10-30T16:28:18-04:00

The Best Restaurants in Atlanta GA


Atlanta, Georgia is a southern city steeped in history and charm so it comes as no surprise that it has some of the best dinings in the state with a range of must go to restaurants to suit every palate and style. So what are Atlanta's best restaurants? As most [...]

The Best Restaurants in Atlanta GA2018-10-30T16:27:58-04:00

How To Find The Best Schools In Atlanta GA


If you are moving to Atlanta, and you have children, you need to consider the schools in that area. There are certain neighborhoods that are better to live in for kids, but they also have to have a quality education. There have been many controversies surrounding the security and safety [...]

How To Find The Best Schools In Atlanta GA2018-10-30T16:27:16-04:00

The Best Schools In Atlanta GA


There are a large number of schools in Atlanta that due to scholastic testing are able to be listed in order of merit due to the grading results of completed tests. As you can see from the reference chart located at https://www.greatschools.org/georgia/atlanta/schools/?st=public listing elementary schools throughout the Atlanta district. You [...]

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Top Rated Historical Sites In Atlanta GA


The city of Atlanta, GA, has a rich and diverse history; spanning a variety of topics, from local history and contemporary art, to the American Civil Rights movement. Its numerous historic sites, museums and art galleries showcase every single detail of its identity spanning decades if not centuries! History buffs [...]

Top Rated Historical Sites In Atlanta GA2018-10-30T16:26:42-04:00

Budget Hotels In Atlanta – Your Quick Guide


There are many reasons t travel to the beautiful city of Atlanta, and if you are there for longer than a day then you are going to need accommodation. For the budget conscious, there is no need in spending more than you need to if all you are looking for [...]

Budget Hotels In Atlanta – Your Quick Guide2018-10-30T16:26:16-04:00

The Hottest Spots In Atlanta


If you are looking to have a night out on the town in Atlanta, GA, but simply aren't sure of where you should go there are a few things you will want to consider. Atlanta hosts some of the best clubs, bars and entertainment venues in the country. The key [...]

The Hottest Spots In Atlanta2018-10-30T16:26:05-04:00