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If you own an Atlanta area business, our expert team will be glad to assess your business needs and custom-build a system that meets your requirements. We offer a wide array of high quality solutions at affordable prices. From simple lockout services, to entry point reinforcement and break-in prevention, to advanced locks, keys, safes, and access control systems – you name it – we have you covered. Here’s a complete list of commercial solutions we provide in the Atlanta metro area:

Along with top-of-the-line solutions, Unlockit delivers outstanding customer service to each and every client on each and every job. We pride ourselves on a strong foundational commitment to honesty and customer care, and it shows – our company has earned numerous customer service awards over the years for customer satisfaction and business ethics. Contact us today at 770-441-0466 for more information.

There are many commercial lock services that should be considered by commercial business owners. These are all vital to the security of the business. Understanding what each particular type of security can offer is the first step in determining what is required and needed for the security of the business.

Commercial Locksmith Services

The lock on the doors of a commercial business are the main safeguards to providing the first line of defense. If these aren’t operating properly, then the business is at risk for theft and other types of loss.

Just as any piece of equipment that has moving parts, the lock must be able to sustain wear and tear on the various components that make it up in order for it to work properly and efficiently. This means that the lock must undergo proper maintenance, repairs and or upgrades to maintain the integrity of the lock.

Re-key and Master Re-key

If former employees have a key that wasn’t returned, or if your business is new to you and you’re not sure the locks were changed, we can offer you re-keying services and even give you a new master re-key.

These services can ensure that there is no breach of security and that only the proper persons have a key to the facility. Master keys are the only key that can be duplicated so you can rest assured that the other keys won’t be duplicated when an employee has such a key.

Door Repair

Having a properly functioning door is tantamount to having a secure facility. Our services only use high-quality commercial doors to offer the best hardware and services for your business.

In many cases, we will have you upgrade the door or we’ll recommend some changes to ensure the integrity and the security of your facility. Having the proper door will go far in helping to maintain a businesses integrity and security.

Panic Bars / Exit Devices Installation & Maintenance

We choose only the highest quality panic bars and exit devices for your doors. Our bars are made to withstand the pressure and the daily use of these devices and we ensure that they’re properly installed on the right type of material.

Door Closer Installation & Maintenance

Not all doors close the same. Our door closers ensure that the door you’ve used to gain entry into a facility is properly closed after entry or exit. We also install and maintain door closers to ensure that your doors are closing properly at all times and maintaining the integrity of your facility.

Door Adjustments

We can adjust any door so that it will close and open properly at all times.

Break-In Repair

If you’ve had a break in you need to have your door repaired at once to maintain your facilities integrity. we offer break in repairs for all makes of doors.

Door Reinforcement

A weak door isn’t going to provide any protection from a would-be intruder. We have many great ways to reinforce your doors.

Security Doors

Security doors can be closed automatically and can restrict the entry of persons that you don’t want in your facility. Security doors will also close automatically during fires and other emergencies.

Lock Repair

Broken locks can be serious safety issues. If your lock is jammed, broken, or not functioning for some other reason, give our professionals a call and let us repair it right away to keep your business safe.


There are many different types of handlesets for doors. We’ll analyze your security and recommend the best handleset for your personal business needs and requirements. If you’ve ever had concerns and fears due to a break-in, you’ll want to look into the options that are available to you for your business doors.

Panic/Push Bar (also called a paddle)

Installing a panic or push bar on your door is a huge safety feature that can greatly enhance security.

Exit Device

Many businesses use a double door option to help aid in safety at the workplace. When these are used there is a vertical rod exit that will use a mortise exit device. This lock will be the active barrier to the business and the outside world.

Latch Guard Protector

There is a gap that is between the door and the door frame. This is known to be the weakest point in the door. This is especially true if the gap is so wide that the bolt to the deadbolt is visible when you’re standing outside of the facility. The latch guard is a metal plate that will cover the exposed deadbolt.

Continuous Hinge

A continuous hinge is long and straight and has two even sides that are used to make them easier to install and to align the lock. These hinges are very durable and come in a variety of thicknesses and finishes. They have varying pin diameters and knuckle lengths. They are designed with and without holds to make them easier to customize.

Door Closer

This is a device that will automatically close the door after someone has opened it or if it was automatically opened using a button for special mobility units.

Security Bar

Hinged doors have a bar that pivots on a ball joint to ensure that it’s always in contact with the floor. This offers a more stable and secure type of connection. It’s designed to ensure that it will fit most doors including sliding doors. These are made of varying strength including a 20 gauge steel.

Pushbutton Lock, Touchscreen Locks & Keyless Entry Locks

All of these types of locks require a code to be entered into the lock before the door will open. If you don’t enter the right code you won’t gain access to the facility. These are often used in security buildings to help reduce crime. Many of these can use a code that the owner sets, in a commercial facility, the employees can each be given an individual code that can be deactivated upon their termination or resignation.

Mortise Lock

This form of lock requires a pocket or mortise to be cut out and into the door. The lock is then fitted into this cutout and recessed or motised in lieu of being actually attached to the door itself.

Intercom System

An intercom system is used as a way to communicate between who is at the door and the employee of the business. Often used to protect who can and cannot enter a building. Frequently used in security apartments, hospitals, and other businesses that need to limit entry to the building.

Buzzer System

Frequently used in conjunction with the intercom system. If a person is going to be allowed to enter the facility the buzzer will be pressed and the door will be opened so that the person can safely enter.

Understanding the different types of commercial locksmith services by locksmiths can go far in helping a business to understand what they can and can’t do for their safety. There are many safety issues that can readily be addressed by a commercial locksmith that will greatly enhance the security of a business. Most commercial locksmiths will do an evaluation or assessment of your business and then go over their findings with you. Once you know what you should and shouldn’t be concerned about for your businesses safety you can then determine what you do and don’t need to have a safer business. It’s more than just having a lock, it’s about the security features that you select to enhance your lock and keep your business safe and protected.

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Unlockit Locksmith & Security offers the following commercial lock and security services in the Atlanta area: 

  • Installation, maintenance and repair of commercial locks. 
  • Master key systems, key extraction, key creation and key duplication. 
  • Access control systems, push button locks and buzzer systems. 

If you have a commercial lock or security service that you need help with, we have you covered. We know how important locks and security are to your business, which is why we offer a variety of lock and security options to meet your needs. To learn more about our commercial lock and security services, call Unlockit Locksmith & Security today.

Amazon key delivery is a system that integrates with your building’s entry system to provide access to Amazon delivery drivers through an app that allows them limited access to deliver your package. This system ensures that you run into fewer issues when receiving packages to your business and also allows you to provide direct delivery instructions through the app. We offer free installation of Amazon key delivery with the installation of your building’s entry system. To learn more about getting Amazon key delivery for your business, contact us today

Yes, a locksmith can make a key for a door. If provided with the model and type of lock, a locksmith should be able to make a key for any standard door. A locksmith will typically be able to inspect your lock and cut a blank key to match the inner tumblers required to unlock your door. There are some complex locks that may make it more difficult or impossible to make a key from scratch. To learn more about getting a key made for your door, call us today.  

It costs around $100-$200 to install a commercial door closer. However, the price can vary depending on: 

  • The number of door closers you will need installed.
  • The model of commercial door closer you want installed. 
  • The contractor’s hourly rate. 

Having a commercial door closer installed for your business has many benefits such as ensuring that your doors close after they are opened in order to preserve the temperature inside your building, in addition to making your door compliant with fire safety codes. To get commercial door closers installed for your business, give us a call today

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