Access Control Services for Your Atlanta Business

Access Control Systems provide the flexibility and control that traditional locks cannot. Features vary with each lock, but can allow you to:

  • Limit what time and through which doors certain users can enter. For example, day shift personnel may only be allowed to enter the building during their scheduled shift.
  • Establish a time access schedule for weekends, holidays, and/or special occasions.
  • Add or remove users as your needs require.
  • Monitor and record when users enter and exit the building through an audit report.
  • Access the building with a code, proximity card, fob or biometric reader.

The purpose of access control for your business in Atlanta is to ensure that only authorized people are allowed access into your building. With access control, you will also be able to have a list of when each key card, code or key fob accessed the building. Access control systems make it easier to remove and add access without having to get the lock rekeyed. To find out more about getting an access control system installed for your business, call us today.

Businesses can use the following access control locks in the Atlanta area: 

  • Key card or key fob locks.
  • Fingerprint scanning locks.
  • Keypad locks. 
  • Smart locks. 

These are the primary types of access control locks that businesses can use to keep their business secure. The type of locking system you will need will depend on the type and amount of personnel that your business would like to permit access to. To get an access control system installed, contact us today.   

It costs around $1,000-$3,000 to install an access control system for your Atlanta area business. Some things that can cause the price to vary include: 

  • The type of access control system you want installed. 
  • The amount of access points you want access control installed for. 
  • The contractor’s hourly rate.

Getting an access control system installed for your business can be expensive, but it is a very worthwhile investment due to the added security it provides. To get an access control system installed for your business, give us a call today

Unlockit provides several access control system solutions for residential and commercial customers and include both stand-alone and hard-wired units. All installations are customized to fit your budget, security needs, and style.

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  • Pushbutton Locks
  • Buzzer Systems

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