Access Control Services for Your Atlanta Business

Access Control Systems provide the flexibility and control that traditional locks cannot. Features vary with each lock, but can allow you to:

  • Limit what time and through which doors certain users can enter. For example, day shift personnel may only be allowed to enter the building during their scheduled shift.
  • Establish a time access schedule for weekends, holidays, and/or special occasions.
  • Add or remove users as your needs require.
  • Monitor and record when users enter and exit the building through an audit report.
  • Access the building with a code, proximity card, fob or biometric reader.

Unlockit provides several access control system solutions for residential and commercial customers and include both stand-alone and hard-wired units. All installations are customized to fit your budget, security needs, and style.

  • Access Control Systems
  • Pushbutton Locks
  • Buzzer Systems

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