Keep Your Community Safe and Secure

To maintain a safe environment in the shared areas of your neighborhood or apartment complex, Unlockit offers door, lock, custom gate, and access control solutions for tennis courts, swimming pools, clubhouses, communal buildings, and other community areas. Our solutions include top-of-the-line products, which are installed and maintained by expert technicians.

Oftentimes, an access control system is the best solution for neighborhood and home owner associations. Unlockit installs an access control system that can limit entry to the facility to authorized users only. By installing a stand-alone access control system or a hardwired access control system, users will be provided with proximity cards, fobs or codes. Each have their own advantages and disadvantages that need to be taken into consideration when choosing a system for your needs.

We recommend installing a pushbutton lock in a small community where a code will be given only to its residents and requires less oversight. For larger communities, we recommend a proximity card or fob because it can track users and limit their access to a specific time. For example, in a swimming pool environment, residents may be granted access only during certain pool hours. And “swim-at-your-own-risk” users could be given 24/7 access. Access can also be limited during special occasions and off-season. All of this can be programmed into the system ahead of time. One more important advantage of fobs is that adding and removing users is simple to do as your needs arise. For example, if a resident doesn’t pay their dues, they can be easily removed. One disadvantage of a pushbutton lock (or codes in general) compared to a fob, card or high security key is that codes can be easily shared allowing unauthorized users access to the facility.

Our top priority is the safety of communities and families. We strive to deliver affordable, highly effective methods to prevent unwanted entry into your shared areas. You can keep your community safe, clean, and highly protected with Unlockit Locksmith & Security’s solutions for neighborhoods.

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