If you are moving to Atlanta, and you have children, you need to consider the schools in that area. There are certain neighborhoods that are better to live in for kids, but they also have to have a quality education. There have been many controversies surrounding the security and safety of schools, and you need to know that your kids will be in a good environment. Before you move to Atlanta, you need to do research on the different schools that are there, regardless of the ages of your children. Follow the simple strategies for locating the best schools in Atlanta Georgia that your children can attend.

Different Types Of Schools In Atlanta

There are three main types of schools in the Atlanta area, similar to any other city or town in the United States. Although preschools are also available, many people are focused on elementary schools, high schools, and middle schools for their kids. Depending upon their age, you can target your search for that particular grade level. The next step is determining which schools are the best out of all of the ones that you find.

How To Determine Which Schools Are The Best

When you initially start to do your research, one of the easiest ways to determine which school is the best is to look at what comes up on Google. At the top of the listings, you are going to see a map of where the top three schools are, and this is based upon not only comments but star ratings. Depending upon where you are moving, these may be close by, or your children might have to ride a bus. If your children are able to drive because they are in high school, you need to make sure that they are close enough so they are not on the road for too long.

The Best Elementary Schools In Atlanta Georgia

Three of the best elementary schools in Atlanta Georgia include Morningside Elementary, Springdale Park Elementary, and Parkside Elementary school. The one with the highest star ratings is Morningside, whereas the one with the most reviews is Springdale Park. Another one is called Settles Bridge Elementary School which has rave reviews from parents that trust this school with their young children. Based upon the reviews that you read, this can give you more insight as to whether or not this would be the best place for your kids.

The Best Middle Schools In Atlanta Georgia

The best middle schools include Martin Luther King Jr., Samuel M Inman, and Luther J. Price middle school. All of the schools are tied for the top position according to star ratings, but the one that has the most comments is Samuel M Inman. There is also another school that is considered to be the best public middle school, Buford Middle School, that is worth considering. Based upon your location when you move, you can select one of these top middle schools for your children to attend.

Best High Schools In Atlanta Georgia

The three top high schools include North Atlanta, Booker T. Washington, and Henry W Grady. The one with the highest star ratings is Henry W Grady high school, yet the one with the most insightful comments is Booker T. Washington. If you are living outside of the city, to the north, North Atlanta would be your top choice. Another school that is high on the list is Gwinnett school of mathematics, science and technology, located just outside of the Atlanta area. You can use the same type of analysis to determine which school would be best for your kids based upon comments by parents and how far it is away from what will soon be your home.

This basic overview of the different types of schools in Atlanta, as well as a list of the top schools per public comments by parents, will provide you with the insight that you need. As long as you are able to evaluate them online, you should have no problem finding a safe school that has a good curriculum. It is so important to do all of this research prior to moving. If you can do this, you will be confident that your kids will be attending the best schools in the Atlanta area.