Out at Night – Atlanta GA.

Atlanta does have several things that make it one of the most wonderful places to live in the United States. The weather for one is spectacular. I you have ever lived in a place where winter causes you to put on special clothing then Atlanta will suit you. The cold weather does not last long.

It’s also cheap – the cost of living in Atlanta is far lower than many other cities across the United States.

But here is what sets Atlanta a[art from the other cities in the state – nightlife scene that is not only vibrant, but is growing and maturing.

Atlanta used to have a reputation as being a bit conservative. That is not changing. whether you want to just kick back and relax at your neighborhood pub or go out and shake it Atlanta has a place that will welcome you with open arms.

Atlanta has wonderful views and you are in for a nightlife experience there can be few as wonderful as visiting the bar at the top of the CNN World Headquarters. Grab a cocktail there and enjoy the fabulous sunset over the city.

Or take a step back in time at the Hyatt Regency at Polaris where you can enjoy drinks while take a view across the city that will simply blow your socks off (the Daiquiris help).

For those who want to keep their feet on the ground and enjoy the myriad of opportunities for nightlife in this city that welcomes everyone there are also a number of attractions when the sun goes down.

If you want a cocktail experience that will provide you with memories that will stick around for years the you simply have to visit the Red Phone Booth in downtown Atlanta.

The speakeasy vibe and the menu – including some of Atlanta’s best pizzas will set you up for an evening that will not be forgotten. Those who enjoy cigars will also be accommodated and great service and staff who are attentive to you every need do not detract from the experience.

The there is of course Peachtree Street. If you are in two minds of what to do when it comes to evening entertainment then this is where you go. Peachtree Street has it all.

The Hard Rock Cafe, the All Star Grill for food and drinks (fun added without a cover charge) or singing karaoke at the Metro Diner – it’s all available on this strip of fun in Atlanta.

If you really want to explore what makes the nightlife of Atlanta tick then you simply have to take a walk of the unexplored side and visit Castleberry Hill. This area has been transformed from an industrial zone into a place where creativity flows.

It is filled to the brim with art galleries and other cultural attractions – it is imply one of the most fascinating attractions in Atlanta. And it comes alive at night. The dining opportunities make any evening exploring this part of Atlanta an absolute delight.

One of the highlights must be a visit to the ‘No Mas! Hacienda & Cantina. where people who actually know what they are doing as far as Latin dishes work magic to bring patrons fabulous cuisine. Or pop in at Pascals and enjoy fried chicken and history. And that chicken is fried chicken as it should be made – Southern style – with a smile and some of the best biscuits that Atlanta has to offer. Don’t ignore the opportunity.

Atlanta nightlife is vibrant – and once the sun goes down the fun really starts. Don’t ignore the opportunity to take part in the evening fun.


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