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Door Adjustments

Your Door May Be Fine, Just Misaligned

Issues with the functionality of a lock may be completely unrelated to the hardware itself. Doors can become misaligned due to improper installation, the home settling, normal wear-and-tear, or changing weather conditions. Because of small shifts in the positioning of the door, a lock may begin to malfunction.

Fortunately, the resolution for such a problem is usually a door adjustment and often doesn’t require any new hardware to be installed.

If you suspect your locks aren’t working well because of misaligned doors, give us a call at 770-441-0466 to set up an appointment.

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Your Door May Be Fine, Just Misaligned

By realigning your door, you'll notice an improvement in the functionality of your lock, allowing you to easily and smoothly lock and unlock your door. Additionally, a properly aligned door can improve energy efficiency by reducing air leaks, which can help lower your energy bills. Finally, simply readjusting your door can save you costs when you don't have to completely replace your door.

Misalignment can be caused by the following:

  • Settling of your home.
  • Changes in humidity and weather.
  • Changes in temperature.
  • Failure of hinges.
  • Improperly installed hardware.
  • Attempted break-in.
  • Gravity and time.

Many don't realize that the issue with the functionality of your lock can be totally unrelated to your actual hardware. And that misalignment is a common issue in homes no matter how old your house is. No matter what caused your problem, Unlockit’s team of trained professionals can get your door in good working order again. Call us at 770-441-0466 to schedule an appointment!

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