Protect Your Home From Kick-In Attacks

The most common way that burglars forcibly enter your home is by kicking in one of your doors. It’s quick and easy and doesn’t require any special tools or equipment. And because almost all homes were constructed with the same critical design flaw – the door frames or jambs were built using pine or another soft wood – one or two strong kicks is all it takes to crack the frame allowing entry into your home.

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We offer an effective way to safeguard against this common threat – our door reinforcement pieces. A full reinforcement set is comprised of three different pieces:

  • Door Frame Protector: a 59” surface-mounted 14-gauge steel plate that’s installed with (12) long screws. These screws penetrate through the frame and deep into the stud behind it hardening the vulnerable frame. This is the most important of the three pieces in the set; if you choose to install only one, this is the one you need.
  • Door Edge Protector: a 48” 16-gauge steel channel that wraps around the lock side of the door. This piece is multi-functional, it:
    • Closes the gap between the frame and the door.
    • Helps prevent the door from splitting around the locks.
    • Strengthens the door vertically preventing it from collapsing (especially in the case of a door with built-in windows).
    • Helps hold the deadbolt in place.
  • Door Hinge Protectors: a set of (2) 16-gauge steel channels designed to wrap around the top and bottom hinge reinforcing that side of the door against failure during a kick-in attack. These are installed with long screws into the door; and, we also replace two of the standard screws of each hinge with longs screws into the frame.

These pieces come in four different finishes and are designed to blend in with your current hardware and/or door. Protect your home with help from Unlockit Locksmith & Security. Call us at (770) 441-0466 now!

There are a few measures you can take to make your home look less appealing to a someone wanting to break-in:

  • Don’t advertise that you are on vacation on social media.
  • Close your blinds to passersby.
  • Do not open your door to people you do not know.
  • When out of town, make it look like someone is still there by leaving a car, holding mail and putting lights on a timer.
  • Buy a safe for valuables or think of an unusual hiding spot.

Unlockit Locksmith can help with security as well, from cameras to door reinforcements. We are happy to advise you on a number of different security options. Contact us today!

The best way to protect your Atlanta area home from a kick-in attack is to reinforce your door. Door frames or jambs are typically constructed using a soft wood, posing a tempting way for intruders to enter with relative ease. Door reinforcements use frame, edge and hinge protection to guard against kick-in attacks using steel support. Contact us today for more information.

While an alarm system works well to secure your home, if you do not think it’s the right option for you there are other security items you can install to help protect your Atlanta area home:

  • Outdoor motion detector lights – These lights can alert you if someone is outside your home as well as deter someone from breaking in.
  • Reinforced doors – You can install a deadlock or padlock on your door, or you can reinforce the doors so they are protected against kick-ins.
  • Security cameras – You can invest in cameras that do not include a monitoring service that still let you keep an eye on your home.
  • Security doors – These types of doors are specially made to resist break ins and picked locks.

Unlockit can help you determine with what protection you would feel most comfortable. Contact us today and we will be happy to advise you.

To reinforce a door, you can either reinforce the door frame or the lock on your door. For the most reinforcement, you can upgrade both your door frame and your lock. To reinforce your door frame, you can replace the half inch screws in your striker plate and door hinges with 3 or 3.5 inch screws. To reinforce your lock, you can install a deadbolt or a lock bumping prevention device. Call us today to learn more about getting your door reinforced.

A door reinforcement plate is a plate that wraps around your door knob and latch in order to strengthen that area of your door. With this metal plate, that area of your door is stronger and less susceptible to break-ins. For the best results, you should have an experienced locksmith install the door reinforcement plate for you. However, it is also possible for you to install your own door reinforcement plate if you have the correct tools and knowledge to do so. To get a door reinforcement plate installed on your front door, contact us today

To make your front door stronger, you can: 

  • Replace the hinges on your front door. 
  • Replace your front door with a solid wood door. 
  • Replace the screws in your front door. 
  • Replace the locks on your front door. 

When it comes to making your front door stronger, there are various factors you need to take into account. If your door’s hinges are strong, but your door is hollow, it can still be broken into just as easily as if your door is solid but your hinges are weak. To find out more about making your front door stronger, give us a call today

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