Break-In Repair for Doors & Frames

When your home has been broken into, the burglars steal more than your belongings; they steal your peace of mind! It’s difficult to restore the feeling of safety and security once your home has been violated. Not only are you dealing with feelings of anxiety that go hand in hand with a break-in, but you also have to file police reports and deal with your insurance company.

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Unlockit’s skilled technicians have years of experience in repairing doors and frames that were damaged during a break-in. We can often simply repair the damage caused by a break-in rather than replace the door. By using our reinforcement pieces to repair the damage, we not only will save you money over replacing the door and frame, but we also increase your security on that door, which will help prevent a future break-in as well.

If you only replace the door and frame, you are just as susceptible to a break-in as you were before. Let us return your peace of mind with door repair and frame reinforcement that will fix the problem and help prevent future break-ins. Call us at (770) 441-0466 now!

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Trust us to ensure that your family’s valuables are safely tucked away in your home safe. Call our specialists at (770) 441-0466 to find out how Unlockit Locksmith & Security can provide exceptional safe-related services for your home.