High-Security Door Replacement

We look at your doors through the eyes of a security specialist, so while there are numerous door styles to choose from, our main focus is on how secure your door is.

Most of the time, your door itself is fine. Most vulnerabilities can be eliminated with hardware upgrades or door reinforcement. However, if we feel your door itself is vulnerable, we will make recommendations to replace it in order to increase the overall security of your home.

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Some of the variables we consider when replacing a door are:

  • Material from which the door is constructed—We prefer solid wood, fiberglass or steel.
  • Budget—The cost of a door varies greatly.
  • Window placement—We recommend a solid door without windows or windows only at the top of the door. This minimizes the risk of someone breaking the glass and reaching through to unlock the locks.

If you have concerns about the security level of your door, please call us so we can make recommendations.

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