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Unlockit’s expertise extends beyond locks – we provide complete door services as well. Doors form the sole barriers between our personal spaces and the public world beyond them. We often don’t realize how crucial this role can be until a door is compromised. And due to current construction standards, most residential doors and frames are vulnerable to forced entry.

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For security purposes, we recommend a solid wood, fiberglass or steel door without glass inserts that can weaken the door and make it more vulnerable to intruders. If you’re worried about your Atlanta area home’s security, have us come perform a free evaluation to assess your safety needs. We can tell you whether your doors are sufficient or whether you would benefit from our residential door services.

As always your safety and security are our top priority, and we deliver high quality door services and products to ensure that your door is secure.

  • Door Adjustments — Eliminate gaps and sticky spots between your doors and their frames so would-be intruders have no easy way to break in.
  • Break-In Repair — In the unhappy even that someone has successfully broken into your home, we can fix the damage done to your door and door jamb and bolster the door to help prevent future intrusions.
  • Security Doors — Security doors are designed to be hard to force open; they keep your family safe by keeping unwanted intruders out.
  • Door Reinforcement — For an affordable alternative to replacing your doors with security doors, have us reinforce your existing doors to make them harder to break into.

Make break-in prevention a priority with door services from Unlockit Locksmith & Security. With over 15 years in the home security field, we can help you find the right solutions to ensure your home’s doors keep unsavory characters out of your house.

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