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There are many benefits of investing in high security locks beyond adding an extra layer of security to your residence, and our friendly, knowledgeable staff can offer advice and recommendations based on your individual needs. We offer an extensive catalogue of high quality products, so your options are never limited.

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If the product you receive is not functioning properly due to causes unrelated to wear and tear, we will fix the problem or replace the product free of charge! Our high security locks:

  • Keep Your Home Safe: High security locks are nearly impossible to pick. They feature biaxial cuts that produce unique angles within the lock that are incredibly difficult to force with a lock-pick.
  • Have Unique Keys: Most locks use keys that can be easily copied. However, high security lock systems use biaxial cut keys that a basic hardware store cannot replicate. In fact, a specific ID is usually required to make a copy and that ID is only provided with the lock itself, providing you with an extra layer of security.
  • Resistant to Bumping & Drilling: Locks you get at the hardware store generally have five straight pins that can be opened with a bump key and a hard bump to the door; high security locks, however, have telescoping pins that don’t give in to bump keys. In addition, they feature drill-resistant housings that are not susceptible to drilling damage. 
  • Totally Customizable:  Not all security locks are created equal! For example, some locks protect against drilling and lockpicking, but not other forms of brute force. Depending on your needs, you will be able to find a lock that fits your unique situation.
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With their unique keys and tamper-resistant design, high security locks provide your home and family with that extra level of safety a builder grade lock cannot. Call Unlockit Locksmith & Security at (770) 441-0466 for an honest, upfront quote on high security lock installation today!