Keep Your Home Safe With Keyless Locks

Though they may look futuristic and unfamiliar, there are many benefits to switching your home to a keyless lock system. At Unlockit Locksmith & Security, we are committed to helping you install the best lock for your family’s security needs. Whether you prefer a specific style to enhance the look of your home or a particular setting to suit your needs, you can rely on our experts to pair you with the keyless locks that best suit your lifestyle.

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Check out these five benefits of installing a keyless lock system in your home!

  • Convenient: Beyond the benefit of not having to dig around for your keys, keyless locks are simple to install and keep up. Additionally, they are often battery powered, meaning you won’t have to worry about confusing electrical wiring.
  • Security-Sensitive: Because traditional keys can be lost or stolen, they pose the risk of intrusion. However, having a confidential personal password will eliminate this threat.
  • No Need To Rekey: The costs of rekeying a traditional lock can add up over the years, especially for income properties that are likely to have multiple tenants. With keyless locks, you can grant or deny access as needed.
  • Sleek & Stylish: Modern keyless locks not only look refined but are now made with more durable materials that can resist dangers such as unwanted entry and weather hazards.
  • Improved Security: Many keyless locks now come with multiple additional security features such as adjustable password lengths and lockout features that temporarily disable the device after a certain number of tries.
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