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Keyless Locks

Go Keyless

As technology has evolved, keyless locks have become a reliable upgrade from their keyed counterparts. Besides the obvious benefit of convenience, keyless locks can also feature wi-fi capabilities, remote access, and entry/exit logs, making it easy to find options that fit your needs.

These user-friendly locks allow you to add or remove user codes as needed, so you can provide temporary codes to pet-sitters, baby-sitters, cleaning services, or repairmen in addition to the frequent use codes given to family and friends.

If you’re interested in exploring the keyless options, call our office at 770-441-0466 !

Unlockit RESIDENTIAL Keyless Locks

Access Control Adaptable to Your Needs

At Unlockit Locksmith & Security, we are committed to helping you install the best lock for your family’s security needs. Keyless locks are a great solution for families that have:

  • Children
  • Cleaning services
  • Medical caregivers
  • Petsitters
  • Babysitters
  • Repairmen

These user-friendly locks will allow you to add and remove user codes as you choose. No more concerns about lost keys or that someone has duplicated your house key without your authorization.

And depending on the lock you choose, some have additional features, such as:

  • See who has accessed the lock and when.
  • Set schedules only allowing some in during specified days and/or times.
  • Unlock the door remotely.

Residential Keyless Locks FAQs

How do keyless locks work?

Keyless locks work in much the same way that a normal key lock does. A locking mechanism rotates to engage and disengage the latch. The difference lies in how the mechanism is triggered. For homes, keyless locks are often operated with codes.

Are keyless locks secure?

Quality keyless locks are made to be durable, so when one is professionally installed by an experienced locksmith, you can be sure the lock is secure.

In order to best utilize your keyless lock, change the factory code your lock comes with once it’s been installed and you begin the set-up process. Also, change your code periodically to ensure wear on the buttons doesn’t give your code away.

How much does it cost to install a keyless lock?

The cost will range depending on the type of lock and the features requested. For specific pricing information, give us a call at 770-441-0466 .

Contact Us Today to Discuss Options For Your Roswell Home

From simple push button locks that allow up to 19 unique user codes to super-intelligent, WiFi-enabled locks that will allow you to view the status of your lock from anywhere in the world, we have the lock that suits your individual needs. We can customize a solution that works best for you.

As an Allegion partner, we proudly stock and install Schlage locks. Call the locksmith pros at Unlockit today at 770-441-0466 to schedule a keyless lock installation!

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