Hardware Installation and Replacement

Unlockit’s trained technicians can install any door hardware that you require. Whether you need a lock added to a door that doesn’t already have one, want to add an extra lock to a door for more security or simply need to replace a lock, we can assist you.

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There are a few common reasons that you may want to replace your hardware:

  • Higher Security—You are concerned about security and want to upgrade to a higher grade of locks. We offer several options of high security locks that are bump-resistant, pick-resistant, drill-resistant and utilize restricted keys that cannot be duplicated.
  • Aesthetics—You don’t like the way your locks look — they’re old and tarnished or simply a finish or design that you don’t like. You may want to replace all the door hardware on your home or only want to replace your front door handle set. Either way, we can offer you a wide variety of options—from contemporary to traditional—that will fit your style and budget. We have two physical locations that you can visit to see catalogs and displays if you’re looking for specialty hardware. Or feel free to find ideas online and send them to us. We can quote you a price for the same hardware or find something similar for you.
  • Malfunctioning Hardware—Your locks are not functioning properly or are damaged. We always try to repair a damaged lock first, but if your hardware is beyond repair, we can replace it. When replacing it, we’ll install hardware that is compatible with your existing hardware, both in finish and keyway so we can re-key the lock to match your existing key.
  • Functionality—You would like the lock you have to function differently. For example, you are constantly locking yourself out because of the way your doorknob functions or you would like the convenience that a keyless lock offers.

Our skilled technicians carry much of the standard door hardware on their trucks so we can come prepared to tackle most of the work the first time around. If it’s a specialty lock that you’re interested in, we can give you a price and lead time before we place the order. Call us at (770) 441-0466 now!

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