Get New Locks Without Changing Your Locks

One of the most common services that Unlockit provides is rekeying locks. When we re-key, the actual door hardware remains the same, we simply “change the key.”

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Rekeying a lock means changing the pin combination inside the cylinder of the lock. Each lock has a unique key that will open it and that specific key’s cuts correspond to pins inside the cylinder. When we replace those existing pins with different sized pins, none of the old keys will operate the locks anymore. And only the new set of keys that correspond to the new pins will work. This is much more cost effective than actually replacing the hardware.

It costs around $50-$100 to rekey a lock. Some things that can affect the overall cost include: 

  • The number of locks you want rekeyed. 
  • The type of lock you want rekeyed. 
  • The locksmith’s hourly rate. 

Having your lock rekeyed is a great way to ensure the safety of your home after you lost your keys, recently moved in or had your keys stolen. To get your locks rekeyed, >give us a call today

It is cheaper to rekey a lock than to replace it because rekeying is a modification of an existing lock. However, you should consider whether rekeying or replacing your lock is the right choice for you. You may want to replace your locks rather than rekey them, if they are worn out or getting old. To find out more about getting your locks rekeyed or replaced, contact us today.

Yes, you can rekey a lock yourself, but you will need the correct tools and knowledge of lock mechanisms. When it comes to rekeying your own locks, you should ensure that the locks you would like to rekey are all the same brand and then get a rekeying kit for that exact brand from your local hardware store. Once you have the rekeying kit, you should be able to rekey the lock yourself if you have the correct knowledge of lock mechanisms. For help rekeying your lock, call Unlockit Locksmith & Security.

There are several reasons that a homeowner may want to change their locks:

  • You have an ex that moved out.*
  • You have fired a babysitter.*
  • You lost a set of keys.
  • Your purse was stolen that had a copy of your keys in it.
  • You hired a contractor and gave them a copy of your key.*
  • You evicted a tenant.*

*Even if in the above scenarios, the person gave you back your key(s), if you had standard keys, you have no way of knowing whether or not they made copies before they returned them.

Rely on the honest, friendly specialists at Unlockit Locksmith & Security to rekey your locks and enhance your property’s safety. Rekeying is a cost-effective alternative to completely replacing your locks and the process can quickly be completed on all your locks so you only need one key for all your passage locks and deadbolts, even if different brands were used at the time of installation. This is an excellent option if your locks are still relatively new and in good condition, or if you’re upgrading the front door locks and want to ensure the backdoor locks match.

Call Unlockit Locksmith & Security to schedule a free home security evaluation today. We’ll make sure that your locks are safe and secure! (770) 441-0466

(770) 441-0466
Call Unlockit Locksmith & Security to schedule a free home security evaluation today. We’ll make sure that your locks are safe and secure! (770) 441-0466