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Did you know that 52% of home invasions begin with an intruder breaking your locks? Are you confident that your home’s locks can withstand an attempted break-in? If not, it may be a good time for you to consider upgrading.

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Unlockit Locksmith & Security has your safety at heart and provides a wide variety of options to upgrade your locks and prevent break-ins. We offer a free home security assessment to help you determine your needs and how best to meet them.

Upgrade your family’s safety with:

  • Premium Locks — Designed with form and function in mind, these locks keep your home secure while adding a level of beauty you can’t get with basic locks.
  • Keyless Locks — Made using modern technology, you can choose between several types of keyless locks, including keypad entry systems, smart locks and touchscreen locks.
  • High-Security Locks — Tamper-resistant and nearly impossible to pick, these locks provide your home with the best security possible without installing a security system.

At Unlockit Locksmith & Security, your safety and security are our top priority. We never install locks we don’t trust to keep intruders out of your home. Our friendly, reliable locksmiths have years of knowledge and experience in the security field; we’ll ensure your locks are strong and secure.

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Whether you’re looking for a lock upgrade that makes entry more convenient, such as with a keypad entry system, or that adds extra beauty to your home’s exterior, like with a designer lock, you can find the right locks to increase your security and make your home more comfortable than ever. Call us for a free home security evaluation today! (770) 441-0466