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As the primary safeguards of your home, family and valuables, locks provide the first line of defense against unwanted entry. Their proper operation is important to the security of your family, belongings and peace of mind. But like any mechanism with moving parts, a lock sustains wear and tear over time and requires occasional maintenance, repair and upgrades to remain effective.

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When it comes to residential lock services such as these, your safety and security are Unlockit’s top priority. Our friendly, reliable locksmiths have the experience and know-how to ensure that all your locks are strong and fully operational, and provide a full slate of services to address any lock-related needs.

We’ll even perform a free assessment of your property’s strengths and weaknesses and offer professional tips on how to best use your locks to make you more secure. Count on Unlockit for:

  • Lock Installation — Update your home’s look and security with new lock installation.
  • Lock Upgrades — Why settle for builder’s grade locks when you can upgrade to something more beautiful and secure?
  • Rekeying — Save money while enhancing your security by having your existing locks rekeyed.
  • Maintenance & Repair — Keep your locks in perfect working condition so they can keep your family safe.
  • Key Extraction — Whether you’re dealing with a sticky lock or a key that’s broken off in the lock, we’ll get it out for you.
  • Key Creation & Duplication — We can ensure you have a spare key when you need it and provide tips for the most secure places to hide it.
  • High-Security Locks — Better than just a basic lock, these locks are harder to pick and harder to break.
  • Premium Locks — These locks bring more than just function to the table; they’re also highly attractive and give your home more visual appeal.
  • Keyless Locks — Whether you’re looking for locks that utilize WiFi, RFID or keypad entry, Unlockit has the keyless entry systems you need.

The safest lock for your front door in the Norcross area would be one that:

  • Is preventative against drilling
  • Is designed in a way that makes it extremely difficult to pick
  • Withstands kick-ins well

A keypad lock for your Norcross GA home will cost on average between $100 – $400. This price includes the amount for both the lock and to have it professionally installed.

Unlockit Locksmith & Security provides professional lock installation services. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment!

There are many good quality door locks on the market at this time for standard door locks. As the variety of types of locks continues to increase with the advent of smart, keyless and high-security locks, more exceptional brands have been introduced as well. Unlockit Locksmith & Security uses top of the line quality locks like Schlage with every installation we perform. Contact us today to learn more about what door lock would work best for your home.

Keypad locks are gaining in popularity. They are convenient and work well with smartphones and devices for easy access. Homeowners are finding that they are safer as well because of this technology. Keypad locks allow you to enter a residence with a code entered into the keypad. You can program them to automatically lock behind you, ensuring the safety of whomever is entering your home. The code can be changed at any time, so if someone needs to get inside your home and you are not there- an appliance repair person, someone watering your plants while you are on vacation, etc.- they do not need a key to gain access and you can change the code again when they are done. Not only do you need to worry about others keeping up with a key, you are always up to date with your code and who can enter and exit your residence.

For more information on keypad locks, contact Unlockit today.

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