A Safe Room Offers You Peace of Mind

An extra layer of protection, a safe room or panic room offers you a haven in the case of a home invasion. Often created in a nearby closet, safe rooms are designed to be a quick escape from an intruder that has broken into your home. From additional locks, reinforcement to the door and/or frame and an electronic panic alert system, we will customize a panic room that best meets your needs.

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We can also install a safe in this room that can store a handgun and a cell phone that can be used in the case of an emergency.

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The easiest way to build a safe room or panic room in your Atlanta area home is to make over a bathroom, closet or wine cellar. Typically the wooden door jamb is replaced with a steel one, the door itself is replaced with a solid-core door and a keyless deadbolt is installed in the door. Some type of communication equipment is also necessary to install inside the room. You can get many other add-ons to a panic room, including steel reinforced walls, bullet-proof electronic doors, ventilation systems and gated ceilings to prevent entry from the attic. The ideal safe room is one that is easily accessible to you but hidden from an intruder.

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The costs in converting a closet or bathroom into a panic room start around $3,000 and go up to about $10,000. Depending on what additional features you want in the room the cost can go way up. High end, high tech panic rooms can cost as much as $500,000, but effective rooms can be built for much less.

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Safe rooms, while of course very popular with wealthy or famous individuals, have been growing in popularity with middle-income families in the Atlanta area for the past 20 years. Exactly how many homes have panic rooms is a difficult number to determine as a panic room is a private space that should not be known to the general public.

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Safe rooms are primarily used for two different purposes around Atlanta:

  • Protection from invasion – This type of panic room should be hidden, able to contact the authorities and hold someone out until help arrives.
  • Protection from weather-related catastrophes – This safe room should be placed either in a basement or ground-level for protection against tornadoes and high wind storms. However, if you are concerned with flooding the room should be higher up.
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