Safe Combination Changes

One of the most commonly requested services for safes is for combination changes. We can change a combination on a dial or electronic keypad. Depending on the size of the safe, it may be something you can bring into our shop to have serviced.

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Safe Lockouts

If you’ve lost keys to your safe or forgotten the combination, we can assist in getting it open again. Trying to open the safe yourself may damage the safe or its contents. Sometimes we can get it open quickly and other times it may take an hour or longer. It all depends on the type of safe you have. However, the price that we quote you over the phone initially is the price that we will charge.

If the safe is not too large or heavy, you can bring it to our shop to have one of our specialists open it in front of you. This is typically less expensive than having someone come to your home to perform the work.

Whether you’re lockout of your safe or want to change the digital combination, you can trust Unlockit to take care of it for you. Call us to get started today! (770) 441-0466

(770) 441-0466
Trust us to ensure that your family’s valuables are safely tucked away in your home safe. Call our specialists at (770) 441-0466 to find out how Unlockit Locksmith & Security can provide exceptional safe-related services for your home.