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On average, a locksmith will charge between $65 – $120 to unlock a house door in Lawrenceville GA.

The cost to unlock a car door ranges from $60 – $90 in the area.

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Smart door locks are susceptible to being hacked, just like every other connected device you own. However, most of the quality keyless smart locks that are produced today have strong security when it comes to a hacker breaking into your system. When you consider the alternative of a traditional lock and the downfalls associated with lost keys and picked locks, the risks are not any greater with keyless. Feel free to consult with Unlockit about hacking concerns. We can answer any of your questions when it comes to smart door lock security.

On average, it costs between $3,000 – $12,000 to install a driveway gate for your home in Lawrenceville. This cost includes labor and materials and depends greatly on

  • Material – Vinyl gates will be less expensive than wrought iron.
  • Type – Sliding gates require tracks and special wheels, while swing gates require hinges. Card-based to keypad, there are a number of different types of gates that will affect the price.
  • Size – A large gate will need a bigger motor and larger posts to support it.

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