Atlanta, Georgia is a southern city steeped in history and charm so it comes as no surprise that it has some of the best dinings in the state with a range of must go to restaurants to suit every palate and style. So what are Atlanta’s best restaurants? As most people have their favorite style meals, the below is not in any order but each restaurant has been included due to the quality, creativity and general range of the menu as you want every one in your party to enjoy something at each restaurant.

1) The Gunshow

Owned by popular chef Keb=vin Gillespie, well known for his cookery books and from Top Chef. They create an amazing range of meals which change often. One of the things that caught our eye was the Crispy Catfish, masa Porridge, Esquites, Created Guacamole and fermented Fresno and well worth the price. Browse their menu here –

2) Empire State South

Run by Top Chef Hugh Acheson has an amazing feel. The shrimp stew stood out on the menu. What would you order from this range?

3) Rathbun

It has been nominated as one of Atlanta’s and America’s top steak restaurants. delivering a range of incredible steaks along with very interesting and creative appetizers and accomplishments. Don’t take our word for it – Peruse the menu here

4) The Optimist

This restaurant has a number of surprising flavor combinations with each meal looking like its own individual creation as you will see from the easy set-out menu here.

5) The Boccalupo

This is an Italian restaurant as the name suggests and boasts a great range on of Italian American infusions that are both creative as well as being delicious.

6) The Staplehouse

This restaurant only accepts reservations in advance so be warned that walk-ins are not allowed. Their style is to offer a tasting menu experience that comes with a fine wine pairing. This dining experience is truly an experience instead of ordering a meal, the tasting plate is brought around with a wide range of delicacies intermingled with home favorites that come with an experimental twist. The tasting plate menu is here.

I would be remiss to point out each of the restaurants that possibly fall more into the fast food category but whose food definitely does not suit that style. I refer to destinations such as Mix’D Up Burgers, Annes Snack Bar and South City Kitchen (Think Shrimp and Grits). Aside from these, you will also find an exciting range of dessert joints and juice bars in the area. Atlanta food comes in many shapes and styles and some of these more casual affairs can move you in just the same way as the restaurants above.

We think that you will agree that when it comes to great restaurants, Atlanta Georgia has more than a few of its own. For food lovers, Atlanta truly does offer a great range of styles, flavors, and personalities. From the fine dining to the bistro there is an eatery for every occasion and budget whether the top of the line or the more budget conscious but still extremely good. Please browse through the menus attached in the links above and try to decide which would be your favorite restaurant and what would be the perfect meal for you.

With each of the restaurants above you can call ahead a book a table for two or for a group party. Next time you are in the fair city of Atlanta why not try either one of the above-listed restaurants or go rogue and find one for yourself that would match the food appeal of these above.

Written by Unlockit