There are a large number of schools in Atlanta that due to scholastic testing are able to be listed in order of merit due to the grading results of completed tests. As you can see from the reference chart located at listing elementary schools throughout the Atlanta district. You can see that there is a large gap between those schools that rated a 9 compared to other facilities that rated a 6.

From this, we can take out that Lin Elementary, Jackson Elementary and Vanderlyn Elementary school are the top 3 schools in the Atlanta area according to the schools regional updated rating reviews. Understanding that scholastic achievements, whilst high in school requirements, there are other areas that should also be evaluated.

The quality of the school’s sports program is one area that can have a large impact on our child’s growth and development. Lin Elementary has a well crafted extracurricular schedule although there was no information relating to sports teams or activities.

Jackson Elementary while rating high on scholastic grading has no freely available information on additional learning, sports or recreational additions to the daily school class schedule.

Vvanderlyn Elementary had no information available other than the school grading on its page at

A more difficult choice will be the choice of high school to send your child to with some very disturbing grading results with grading results ranging from 7 out of 10 down to a number of schools with a rating of 2 out of 10 and Hillside Conant that rates as a 1 out of 10. As you can see, there is a great disparity between the educational learning through the region.

When it comes down to the best Elementary schools in Atlanta GA, scholastic achievement is highest at the Lin, Jackson and Vanderlyn schools. Of these Lin rates highest due to the additional extracurricular availability. Interestingly none of the three had any information about sports programs or school teams so if this is an important area for you then possibly a lower scholastic rated school that has more of a balanced perspective across more facets of school life. Unfortunately, there is no way to rate these in gradable functions.

Outside of reviewing Atlanta schools gradings, ultimately the best school for you and your child is the one that gives an overall education and that teaches self-values, respect, and community-mindedness. Location and available transport will also dictate the parameters of which schools are going to be in a realistic travel plan for your child to attend.

Rather than seeking out the best possible school for your child, the reality is that you will need to weigh up all of the above and draw up a list of those that are within your set travel radius and then investigate each school individually. While schools are bound to state governance of what they are allowed to show on the internet, you should instead contact each school that you are thinking of and make a time to visit each school and take a tour making sure that you have a prepared question list so that after visiting several you can make a determined decision.

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