If you are looking to have a night out on the town in Atlanta, GA, but simply aren’t sure of where you should go there are a few things you will want to consider. Atlanta hosts some of the best clubs, bars and entertainment venues in the country. The key is knowing what you are looking for exactly regarding the genre and then making plans based on their reviews. Here you will find a list of a few of the most interesting places you can find in the area.

One of the most popular destinations for live music is Eddie’s Attic, an interesting venue that hosts music of all sorts. The only thing that remains the same is the cold beer and unique decor. You will find music acts from the unknown to national acts. During the warmer months you can enjoy your beverage and some music out on the patio. If you find that you want a break from the noise you can simply head across the hall to play a game of pool. You can find more information about Eddie’s Attic at http://eddiesattic.com/. You can see all of the shows that have lined up as well as buy your tickets in advance.

Sister Louisa’s Church of The Living Room and Ping Pong Emporium is another must if you are in the area. The decor is like no other, with various works of art mixed with tacky decorations of a religious quality. They have some pretty amazing drinks, with their Spiritual Sangria being their house specialty. If you like to play games the name makes it clear that you will find something fun to do including a good old game of corn hole. You can even sing some karaoke while donning a choir robe if you like. However, don’t be surprised if you happen across an actor or too. This spot is popular with those that are in town shooting a movie. You can find their hours, phone number and address at https://www.sisterlouisaschurch.com/. You can also find any special events that may be occurring that could peak your interest.

If a good hard laugh is what you seek then you will definitely want to check out Laughing Skull Lounge. They boast having had many nationally known comedians as well as some of the best local talent. If you find that you are inclined to like a certain type of comedy or simply want to get a little taste of what you can expect when you visit they have a website where you can listen to some of the acts they have hosted at http://laughingskulllounge.com/Podcast. While you are there be sure to check out the famous burger joint located just across the street.

There are so many things to do in Atlanta it can be hard to choose. Just take some time to know the options that are available. The more you know about the city the better equipped you are to find the place that is right for your personal interests.