The city of Atlanta, GA, has a rich and diverse history; spanning a variety of topics, from local history and contemporary art, to the American Civil Rights movement.

Its numerous historic sites, museums and art galleries showcase every single detail of its identity spanning decades if not centuries! History buffs looking to learn everything there is to learn about this wonderful city will have a huge variety of attractions to sample during their planned tour.

Read on below to learn more about some of the most iconic historical sites in Atlanta, GA.

The Millennium Gate Museum

Atlanta, also referred to as “The Gate City”, is home to the Millennium Gate Museum; a classically styled monumental arch. This site bears both historic and architectural significance. With its 12,000 square foot gallery, and numerous period rooms, the museum showcases Georgia’s peaceful accomplishments, legendary families and history. All this is achieved through impressive exhibits, film and interactive technology.

In addition to highlighting the state’s aesthetic and historic relevance to the USA and the world as a whole, The Gate Museum is also considered to be a facilitator of global art and history by organizing tours to venues across Georgia exclusively.

Martin Luther King National Historic Site

Martin Luther King Jr. grew up during a time of segregation, to become one of the most revered leaders of the civil rights movement. By visiting the Martin Luther King National Historic Site, one of the most popular historic attractions in Atlanta, you will be able to walk in the shoes of this great leader, from birth to adulthood.

Visitors will be able to see where he grew up, played and even gave inspirational speeches; his local church. This will help paint a clear picture of how he turned into such an influential figure in driving social change.

Margret Mitchell House

Dubbed “the Dump” by the owner herself, this site is where Margret Mitchell wrote the Pulitzer Prize winning book that would later propel her to stardom, “Gone With The Wind”. Visitors can learn more about her life, before, during and after her award winning book.

In addition to touring her home, visitors also get to explore the famed writer’s life through a variety of exhibits, spanning her lifetime, housed within the tiny apartment.

Oakland Cemetery

Founded back in 1850, the Oakland Cemetery is considered to be one of Atlanta’s hidden historic gems. The site is only s few miles away from the Atlanta downtown area, and hence easily accessible from the city center. In addition to being the final resting place of many early settlers of Atlanta, the cemetery is also where some notable local citizens were laid to rest. These include Maynard Jackson, Margret Mitchell and Bobby Jones.

The cemetery also showcases impressive architectural and sculptural masterpieces, in addition to being a botanical preserve. Visitors can watch the city’s history unfold right before their eyes in peaceful surroundings.

With the above sites included in your Atlanta travel itinerary, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to sampling the city’s top rated historic sites.

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