The Added Security of a Vehicle Gate Operator

Whether you have a vehicle gate operator that’s not functioning or a gate that doesn’t have an operator on it at all, we can assist you with options for installing a system that best fits your needs.

The number one benefit to having an automatic gate operator is its convenience. With the push of a button, you can open or close your gate from the comfort of your home or vehicle. No need to get out of your car, open the gate, drive through, and then get out of your car again to close and lock the gate. With some operators, you can even control the gate remotely from your smartphone, giving you the ability to open and close it from anywhere.

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Having a vehicle gate offers you security. However, the manner in which you open, close and lock the gate will determine how secure it is. For example, a gate that is locked with a chain and padlock is vulnerable to getting cut with bolt cutters. And traditional locks that take keys can be picked. Electronic operators require specialized expertise to bypass, making them a more secure option.

Additionally, automatic gate operators are safer than many manual gates. The sensors that are provided with the operator systems prevent the gates from closing unexpectedly. And the motors prevent the gates from closing too fast, keeping children, animals and vehicles safe.

Give us a call to go over the options for the automatic gate operators that will work best with your vehicle gate.

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