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Along with top-of-the-line solutions, Unlockit delivers outstanding customer service to each and every client on each and every job. We pride ourselves on a strong foundational commitment to honesty and customer care, and it shows – our company has earned numerous customer service awards over the years for customer satisfaction and business ethics. For a service you can trust, you can count on us.


Locksmith in Norcross Alpharetta and College Park

Whenever emergency services are provided by a locksmith near Atlanta they tend to be the company you call on if you have been told that services are not available. If you live on the outskirts of town or a remote location, all you need is cell phone service they can find you and be at your location, and at times even within a few minutes after you’ve called them. If a regular key is used on your lock, a Slim Jim can be used to get into your vehicle. They can also work with transponder and remote keys in addition to being able to get electronic access control systems installed.

Home security is a very large topic, particularly in areas where there are high crime rates. It is always an excellent idea to get some kind of security system installed. It can include using alarm systems that assist you with contacting the authorities in addition to making a sound, sensors for your doors and windows, and making use of cameras. Even if you buy a security system at a local home improvement store, and you don’t have any idea of what you are supposed to do, they still can take the system and get it installed, at times even within one hour, which will keep your family safe.

Home security is a very large topic, particularly in areas where there are high crime rates. It is always an excellent idea to get some kind of security system installed. It can include using alarm systems that assist you with contacting the authorities in addition to making a sound, sensors for your doors and windows, and making use of cameras. Even if you buy a security system at a local home improvement store, and you don’t have any idea of what you are supposed to do, they still can take the system and get it installed, at times even within one hour, which will keep your family safe.

Security Lock

If you want to have a security lock put on your garage, backdoor, front door, or even get a special lock placed on the inside part of a room that can be used for you and your family in the event an intruder gets in. They can install these kinds of locks that provide access only if you are in possession of the key in the inside part of the room. This can also be done for desktop gaming consoles, video projectors, computers and just about any other place you can think of. If your goal is ensuring that somebody can’t get into a specific part of your office or house, then these are the type of professionals you should get in touch with.

Panic Room

It is also called a safe room. It is a kind of fortified room that you can have installed inside a house as well as an office. They are designed for providing a safe shelter, a place where individuals can hide, in case there is a disaster or break in. If you happen to live in an area where there are numerous tornadoes they can be quite useful, which allows everybody to stay safe. They have built-in communication centers as well so that other individuals will be able to locate you, or you can use it for alerting the authorities whenever you are trying to hide from a criminal who is located outside.


Installing a deadbolt lock is one of the most effective ways you can prevent others from breaking into your house. They are made out of reinforced steel that is very thick and that force anyone literally that is attempting to get inside to break through this door since they will be unable to get it open. They can be installed on whatever door you select, although they usually are on the back and front doors. A professional in some cases can install one in just a few minutes, and you will be given duplicate keys so you can get back inside any time you need to.


If you have kids going to school and they keep all of their belongings safe in their lock by using a padlock, it’s possible they might forget what their combination is, or might lose their key, depending on the kind of padlock that is owned. Instead of using bolt cutters to remove the lock, which will completely ruin it, you can call a locksmith to go out to your child’s school instead. Also, if you place a padlock on your shed at your house, or you have one at your business, these people can in many cases can open them without the lock having to be destroyed.

Video Doorbell

A video doorbell is another excellent security feature that your home should have. You can buy them for around $100, depending on which manufacturer made them, along with what their capabilities are. Whenever an individual rings the doorbell, just like the old-style kind of peepholes on many doors these days, instead you will receive a video image that is displayed on your tablet, smart phone or computer, so that you will be able to see who is on the outside of your door. One of these can quickly be installed by a licensed personel, test it out, and then demonstrate the way it works. It’s a great way for you to avoid opening the door in error when you mistakenly think you know who is outside your door.

Door Closer

If you own a large building, having a door closer attached to the upper area of the door is very common. It prevents a door from staying open inadvertently. These can be installed by a lock smith quite easily. They are great for business offices, schools and other places where ensuring that a door close after being used by a person is important for security purposes. It can to prevent doors from accidentally remaining open which might make it possible for individuals to get into areas that are restricted. If criminals are able to get inside it can pose safety problems as well.

Intercom System

A intercom system is another security feature that needs to be installed at your office or home. We all know what baby monitors are, especially those of us with children. These have a similar design. They let you speak with individuals outside of the door before unlocking it. If you are using an automated system where a door can be remotely unlocked, having an intercom system provides a complement to that security measure by enable you to not only to speak to the individual outside, bit when you have cameras installed as well as part of your security system, you will also be able to see who is outside before you unlock your door.


An excellent way of protecting your most valuable possession is installing a safe. Some can be installed in the floor, within a wall, and there are smaller portable ones as well. A contractor can select the best location to place a safe prior to installing it. In most cases, they can also open a safe, if you have lost your key or forgotten the combination, which will allow you to retrieve your valuables and documents that would have been lost otherwise.


If you collect guns, particularly expensive ones, or maybe you own guns that your family has had in its possession for more than 100 years, it may be the best method for protecting them, from not only thefts, but also in case a flood or fire takes place. Just as a regular safe can withstand a large amount of heat that a fire causes, it can do the same thing with a gun safe. It can prevent your guns from being lost if a catastrophic event were to take place in your office or home, and prevent them from getting damaged.


Whenever you stay at a hotel, a majority of individuals lock their valuables in a wall safe. It is something you also should have installed in your home and office. Typically they are very small, elevated over the ground, and let you open them while you are standing. They are used in a similar matter to how a regular safe is used, typically for preventing money or paper documentation from being damaged by flood or fire.


Having a floor safe is a great idea, particularly if you don’t much room in your walls, and prefer that your safe not be visible. A criminal can potentially see a safe visually, and then get a chain attached to the safe, and pull it out of your house. But if your safe isn’t visible due to it being in the floor and covered by your rug or carpet, can add an extra amount of protection since they won’t be able to view it if they re able to get inside your house.

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Gate Lock & Gate Opener

If there is an automatic gate on the outside of your home, or one leading into your business location, it is a good idea for your gate to be automated to a certain degree. Although a manual gate is also possible, they can be modified in order for them to be automatic. A trained technician can install the correct apparatus. Similar to how you open a garage door through the use of a remote control, it is the same thing with a gate opener and gate lock.

Keyless Entry System

This is something that can be used on your car, it is something you can operate using a device that can hang on your key chain or you can have an app on your phone also. These are quite similar to devices that allow you to start your vehicle without needing to be inside. They work using Bluetooth technology. An expert can install it inside your car without any issues.

Fingerprint Reader

This is a type of high-tech equipment, however it continues to become more common. Individuals with an iPhone or another device that is similar, are very aware that their phones can be unlocked through the use of their thumbprint. A fingerprint reader can be install which requires individuals to scan their fingerprints first, and if they are trying to get into off-limits areas in your office, or if one is installed on the outer part of your house, it is an excellent way of eliminating the potential of misplacing your keys, or people getting into specific areas based on their fingerprints match.

Access Control System

Many companies use this type of system, which allows them to provide the safest possible environment. It enables you to identify the people who are inside your building, whether it happens to be company owners, contractors, employees or visitors. All of them will be stored on the system.

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television)

One of the more important businesses operating in towns and cities all across the country. These professionals can help individuals in numerous ways. If you’ve ever locked yourself out of your car or house, these professionals are able to come out to your home or other location to help you get back in a lot more quickly. They also have been thoroughly trained in installing security systems for commercial as well as residential properties. They are quite versatile in everything related to locks and security, and if you happen to be located in the Roswell, GA area, you should think about contacting the Unlockit company. The following is a brief overview covering what acan do, and why your top choice for security services should be us.

Surveillance Camera

There are numerous things that locksmiths can do to help you. In fact, it is hard to believe at times that they actually have all of the skills that they do. When you see locksmiths driving around in their trucks, you realize that these professionals have the ability to visit your home to provide you with many different kinds of services. They can do key cutting, making it possible for them to make duplicates of whatever keys you happen to own. It might be for your garage, backdoor, front door or even cabinets inside your house that for safety reason need to be locked. They are also able to do locks on windows, in addition to UPVC locks.

Video Cameras

IP cameras




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To prevent any kinds of break-ins or accidents, it is always best to make sure you check all the locks in your home and see which ones need to become replaced. There’s nothing more important than the security of one’s personal home and your family members. In case your locks are obtaining old, rusty, loose, or breaking, it’s most likely secure to say that you need to change your locks now. Let’s see when you should replace or rekey your locks, even though you may discover that replacing and rekeying are nearly similar ideas for the locks.

When Ought to You Replace or Re-key Your Locks

It is usually a much better concept to rekey your locks rather than replace them, unless they’re totally destroyed. Some of the core reasons why individuals need to replace or rekey their locks are:

• Old Locks: In case your home has old locks, it is most likely about time you get them replaced or rekeyed. Old locks can imply that you as well as your family can be at two dangers. 1 is that you aren’t as safe as you need to be as old locks can break down and become effortlessly accessible for anybody to break-in The second will be the fact that there could be a possibility of others getting a spare key to your old locks.

• Lost Keys: Another reason why individuals have to replace or re-key their locks is when they lose their keys to their homes. This also means another risk for your home because if you dropped your keys somewhere, anybody can choose them up and follow you home and enter your house effortlessly. When you have no concept where a few of your home keys are, it is time you call in a expert to obtain your locks re-keyed to ensure that no one can enter your house by using old keys.

• Ownership Transfer: When you’re purchasing a brand new house or a new apartment, the old owner generally hands more than the keys to you. But it is also most likely that they will still possess a spare set of keys and can also use these keys to enter your new house or apartment anytime. This really is when you ought to get your locks re-keyed or get your locks replaced with new ones prior to you really move in or as quickly as you have moved in. If your moving date has been scheduled, hire a to obtain your locks re-keyed or replaced beforehand.

• Stolen Keys: If your keys had been stolen, get your locks replaced instantly because anybody can access your home with that stolen important. Do not wait contact your immediately and get the locks changed.

We’ve all been there-you get house, go into your bag or pocket, and realize that you are locked out and need to find a company near me. If you’re situated close to Gretna, LA, you are able to call Economy Lock & Key for help 24 hours a day. This trustworthy lockout service can handle all of your lock and important needs. In the meantime, try these five useful tips to prevent future lockouts.

As soon as you get back into your home, go for your local lockout service and have some duplicates made. Buy important ring labels to stop confusion down the road. Your spare keys will be of no use to you if they’re not labeled.

Give A Important For your Neighbor

Once you’ve a set of duplicates, give a copy for your neighbor, a family member, and a close friend. This way, you’ll have several different individuals you can contact on for help within the event that you simply find yourself locked out again.

Install A Lock Box

lockout locksmithYour local generally sells lock boxes. If they don’t have any for sale, they’ll at least be able to recommend a good brand. A keyless entry may be installed on a gate, a door, or an additional stationary service. Keyless entry systems allow the door to become opened with a code, and they can store one of one’s handy keys inside. They can also provide access for cleaning professionals, dog sitters, or other technicians who might require to enter your home while you’re away.

Stash The Spare In a Secure Place

Do not even think about storing your spare important under the mat! This is the first place a burglar will look when trying to gain access to your house. Placing a spare important under a planter, tapped to the gutter, within the mailbox, or on a nearby window ledge are also bad ideas. Try placing one inside of a fake rock, inside a locked utility box (that you have the code for), or inside a hidden container that is not easily spotted.

The best solution is prevention. Make a mental or physical checklist to run through each time you leave the home. “Keys, wallet, phone” may be your mantra. Economy Lock & Key has great ideas for keeping track of one’s key that might also help.

In the event you do find yourself inside a jam, try calling Economy Lock & Important on (504) 710-0632. Stop by the lockout locksmiths’ website for more information on their friendly staff and comprehensive locksmith service in Georgia.

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